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White Resin Fillings in Ramona


In more and more cases, your family dentist works with patients to provide them with white resin fillings instead of old-fashioned metal fillings. Not only are resin fillings safer than traditional metal, but they create a more uniform appearance in your mouth that is less likely to draw attention.

Old metal fillings can also be replaced or covered with resin if patients are self-conscious about the look of their teeth. This procedure is not particularly painful and should not take more than one office visit to complete, making it an ideal choice for those that are hoping for a quick boost in the appearance of their smile.

The Process

Resin fillings are applied the same way a traditional metal filling would be. The tooth is carefully hollowed out to remove any damaged enamel and then filled in with a resin that has been carefully selected to match the color of your teeth. This resin will be then allowed to settle down before the patient is sent home. The amount of chewing you will be allowed to do will vary based on how much damage the tooth had sustained before the filling was put in place.

Top Things to Remember

Many general dentist offices are starting to shy away from traditional metal fillings because they may have an adverse effect on the patient’s health.

  • Over time metal fillings put excess pressure on the teeth which can break down the enamel and increase your risk of a tooth fracture.
  • As this breakdown occurs many dentists are removing old fillings and replacing them with resin to provide additional support for the tooth.

A dental specialist can evaluate your teeth to determine if your fillings are at risk for causing damage to adjacent teeth. If they are, then your dentist will recommend replacing the fillings to prevent damage.

Why Us

Ramona Family Dentistry works to stay on top of all of the latest techniques for applying resin fillings for our patients.

  • As a cosmetic dentist we can make a quick consultation regarding the materials that will be the most appropriate to repair a damaged tooth.
  • We understand that while it is important to make sure that a tooth is repaired properly, you want to make sure that the work you have done does not draw negative attention to your teeth.

Our team works to find the perfect balance between creating high-quality dental work that is sure to last and making sure any work done on your teeth looks as natural as possible. Whenever possible we use resin to cover fillings — to ensure that they will not draw attention away from the look of your smile.

If you would prefer to have white resin fillings for your dental work, you can give us a call today to schedule your appointment. We can provide you with all the information you need to get started with your treatment.


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