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Dentures in Ramona


As dentists will tell you, dentures have changed a great deal in recent years. Improvements in plastics and fittings in the last decade have helped to create dentures that are far less obvious and much more comfortable to wear.

Those with receding gums or who require multiple teeth removed can still benefit from traditional dentures, instead of a dental bridge or individual implants. Wearing dentures regularly can help to prevent your gums and jawbone from suffering further damage while allowing you to maintain a healthy look.

Types of Dentures

Dentist often promote three basic types of dentures:

  • Conventional dentures are worn after all remaining teeth are removed and the tissue around this area has healed.
  • Overdentures are worn over any teeth that can be preserved to prevent further damage to the mouth.
  • Immediate dentures are inserted the same day any teeth are removed so you do not have to worry about being without teeth while the dentures are prepared.

During your consultation with our dentists, we will happily help you determine which denture option is best suited for your oral health needs.

After Denture Placement

Dentures can feel awkward while your body adjusts to having these artificial teeth in your mouth, but this feeling should subside with time.

  • At first your dentures will feel loose but as your cheek and tongue muscles learn how to hold them in place this feeling should subside.
  • Your body may also produce extra saliva, believing that your dentures are an item that needs to be adjusted, but this too will adjust as your body gets used to the presence of the artificial teeth. If you wear your dentures regularly these side effects will disappear more quickly.
  • You should consult a dentist if your dentures are particularly uncomfortable. A set of properly fitted dentures should not be uncomfortable.

Your dentures and mouth will need to be carefully cleaned on a regular basis so you don’t end up suffering from additional damage. This will also help to ensure that your dentures last for several years without wear and tear.

Contact Ramona Family Dentistry for a Denture Consultation

Our full-service dental practice has the very latest in tools and technology that enables us to offer dentures that are competitive in both quality and price.

  • Our dentists can provide any follow up work you need to keep your dentures in good shape.
  • We only use high quality materials to create our dentures to help ensure that they don’t wear out prematurely.

If you are looking for a dentist that is familiar with the very latest trends in the business, then we are happy to provide you with an insight into our expertise.

Having dentures that fit properly can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. If you have any concerns with your dentures in Ramona we will be happy to adjust them and find a solution that will make your life easier. Contact our office today to learn more.


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