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Root Canals

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If you’re suffering from a toothache, a root canal may not sound appealing, but this procedure may be the best way to relieve your pain and save your tooth. Despite their reputation, modern root canals cause about the same level of discomfort as a filling placement. At Ramona Family Dentistry in Ramona, California, experienced dentists Nathan Christensen, DDS, and Hemant Sachdeva, DDS, perform root canal therapy with a precise, gentle approach. To schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking tool.

Root Canals Q &A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a common procedure that saves endangered natural teeth. Your dentist may recommend a root canal if you have a dental pulp infection. Dental pulp is the soft material in the center of each tooth, made up of tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

Injuries, decay, and repeated dental work can increase your risk of a dental pulp infection. During a root canal, your dentist removes the infected pulp, then cleans, fills, and seals your tooth.

Your teeth can function without the nerves contained in your dental pulp. After root canal therapy, you can use the treated tooth as normal and keep it for the rest of your life with good care. In most cases, your dentist places a restoration, like a crown, over your tooth after a root canal to strengthen and protect the tooth.

How do I know if I need a root canal?

The most common sign that you need a root canal is tooth pain, which can range from mild-to-severe. The pain may be constant, or it could intensify when you use the tooth to chew or if your tooth is exposed to hot or cold.

A dental pulp infection can also cause swelling, tenderness, or pimples in your gums near the affected tooth. Your tooth may also appear darker.
Schedule an appointment at Ramona Family Dentistry right away if you’re in pain or have developed any other troubling symptoms. Prompt treatment can mean the difference between keeping or losing your tooth. Further, without treatment, dental pulp infections can spread to your jaw and sinuses.

Note that tooth decay and dental pulp infections don’t always cause symptoms in their early stages. Regular checkups and cleanings at Ramona Family Dentistry can catch these problems before they become serious. 

Why should I get root canal therapy on my infected tooth? 

Root canals have an unfortunate reputation. You may associate them with unbearable pain. However, what’s really painful is an untreated dental pulp infection, not the procedure to treat it.

The team at Ramona Family Dentistry provides modern root canal therapy. You’re under local anesthesia during the procedure, and the discomfort is no worse than having a cavity filled.

In addition to relieving your pain, root canals are a way to save your natural teeth. Whenever possible, keeping your natural teeth is a better option than an extraction or replacement.

To schedule an examination and find out if you need a root canal, call Ramona Family Dentistry, or use the online booking tool.