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Intraoral Camera


Dr. Sean Feely will frequently make use of intraoral cameras as a way to help new patients understand what is going on inside their mouths. In addition to providing this peace of mind, intraoral cameras are a valuable tool that is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons at dentist offices.

Photographs have been used to help dentists diagnose medical conditions since as early as 1839. Tools for capturing images inside the mouth have since become more refined and easier to place into the space so that accurate and easily readable images can be created. Images that can be taken inside the mouth have been around since the 1980s, though significant improvements to these models have been made since.

The Process

The setup for intraoral cameras has largely remained the same over the past few decades. Cameras on small scopes which can be placed in the mouth are attached to a counsel on wheels that can be easily moved to see the teeth and oral tissue from different angles.

Today a family dentist will usually focus on handsets that are small and include a comfortable light source so they can be used in mouths of different sizes. These images can be played back in real-time to show the patient what is going on inside their mouth.

Top Things to Remember

A pediatric dentist will use the latest software to provide reimaging technology for their intraoral cameras.

  • Much of the focus of using an intraoral camera is to provide patient education and to help plan ongoing procedures.
  • Images from these cameras are not usually considered a diagnostic, but may be used to help diagnose a condition when paired with other types of technology– like radiographs.

A local dentist will typically use cameras as a means of helping patients understand what was discovered during different points in the examination. Some newer cameras allow the dentist to magnify the teeth up to 60 times their original size — to make it even easier to see the nature of the problem.

Why Us

A respectable dentist’s office should still focus on having the latest technology in their office.

  • We understand the value of using the latest technology to help patients understand the need for dental care.
  • Not only can intraoral cameras be used to help plan procedures, they can help patients understand their role in caring for their teeth.

We want to provide patients with as much information as possible about what is going on with their dental care, and having the latest technology on hand is the best way to accomplish this goal.

If you would like to know more about how we use an intraoral camera in our work, or you would like any more information about dental procedures we can help you with, you can call us at (760) 789-0170 today.


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