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Dental Sealants



As you probably know, teeth have several layers, including a hard, outer shell of enamel that protects the tooth from harmful bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. Over time, however, enamel can become worn with use or from leftover food and bacteria eating away at the surface.

This is especially problematic when molars feature deep grooves on the chewing surface, where food and bacteria can be hard to reach, even with proper brushing and rinsing. The simple solution to prevent the onset of tooth decay is dental sealants.

Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings applied to the surfaces of teeth in a quick and painless procedure. The teeth are thoroughly cleaned and dried before sealant is painted on, after which it is cured using a special light so that it hardens and bonds to the tooth enamel. This adds an extra layer of protection that helps to prevent tooth decay.

A dentist’s abilities are often judged by procedures that help patients with cosmetic and medical issues. Sealants are a great example of this type of work. This is a plastic coating that is applied to the teeth — to create a protective layer on top of the enamel.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures will often be recommended to children or teenagers that are at risk for decay because they have very deep grooves in their molars. This sealant can be applied as soon as their permanent teeth have grown in, but in some cases sealants can be applied to baby teeth to help correct spacing or health issues that could cause a child to lose their teeth too early.

The Process

To apply a sealant, the teeth will be cleaned thoroughly, and then dried. The mouth will be packed with material to keep the teeth dry while an acid solution is applied — to make the teeth rough. Then the teeth will be rinsed and dried again before the sealant is painted onto the enamel. This will be left to harden or placed under a light so it will harden more quickly.

Top Things to Remember

The Ramona Family Dentistry team will inform you regarding any issues that could impact your use or experience with dental sealants.

  • Dental sealant is expected to last for around ten years. They will be checked during regular dental visits to see how they are holding up and will be reapplied if the sealant is wearing out too quickly.
  • Insurance companies will often cover sealants if the child in question is at risk for more serious dental issues.

Not all children will require sealants on their teeth. Your dentist can examine your child’s dental health and determine if this extra step is appropriate to ensure that your child is not at risk for additional dental damage.

Why Us

We work to provide a variety of sealant options for our patients so that we can ensure that you have something suitable for your medical needs and your budget.

  • As a family dentist we can recommend products that will help keep your children’s teeth healthy throughout their life.
  • We work to keep our prices affordable, but never offer sub-quality sealants to our patients that could cause medical difficulties later.

Our Ramona dental practice works to have tools available that will help people at all stages of growth and development protect their smile. This means keeping ahead of the latest trends and tools so we always have the very latest on hand for our treatments.

Our office offers a wide variety of dental sealants and we are happy to tell you more about any products that could make a difference in your dental health. Call us today to set up your appointment.


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