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CEREC Same Day Crowns

Ramona Family Dentistry

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Until recently, if you needed a dental crown, the whole process from start to finish might take several weeks and require a few appointments. Those days are gone! At Ramona Family Dentistry in Ramona, California, you have access to the latest and greatest dental technology, including CEREC® same-day crowns. Nathan Christensen, DDS, and Hemant Sachdeva, DDS, are leading providers of CEREC technology. To restore your smile, call the office or book online.

CEREC Same Day Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a protective covering your dentist puts over your tooth when it’s damaged, misshapen, discolored, or compromised in some way. Crowns are usually made from resin, ceramic, porcelain, or metal.  Crowns fit snugly and neatly over your natural tooth. Dr. Christensen or Dr. Sachdeva seal the crown in place with a long-lasting dental cement.

What is CEREC ?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It’s a restorative dental system that combines 3D CAD/CAM technology with an onsite fabricator. The experienced dentists at Ramona Family Dentistry use it to model, design, and manufacture your permanent crown in a single appointment.

What are the benefits of CEREC crowns over traditional crowns?

Nathan Christensen, DDS, and Hemant Sachdeva, DDS, often recommend CEREC same-day crowns because of their many benefits, including:

  • Digital modeling instead of messy clay molds
  • Only requires a single visit and takes about an hour
  • Cost-effective because of fewer appointments and no need to wear a temporary crown
  • Less drilling and shaping of the tooth in preparation for the crown
  • Quickly restores your smile
  • Does not interrupt your eating patterns or speech
  • Blends naturally with your other teeth
  • Secure fit

In addition, CEREC crowns create less sensitivity, and the recovery is generally quick and easy. 

Am I a candidate for a CEREC crown?

Nathan Christensen, DDS, and Hemant Sachdeva, DDS, use a CEREC crown in the following situations:

  • Your tooth is cracked
  • You have a large area of damage or decay on your tooth
  • You want to replace metal crowns with porcelain
  • Your old restoration is failing

A CEREC crown is also a great option if you need a quick fix.

How long do CEREC crowns last?

Just like traditional crowns, CEREC crowns last between 10-30 years under normal circumstances. The team at Ramona Family Dentistry gives you detailed care instructions so you can protect your investment for years to come.

You don’t have to live with gaps or cracks in your smile. For a fast, beautiful restoration of a damaged tooth, call Ramona Family Dentistry, or use the online scheduling feature.