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Malocclusion, over and underbites, crooked, overlapping, or overcrowded teeth, result from several causes. Whether it results from losing baby teeth too soon, accidents, thumb sucking, or heredity, one option available to correct the misalignment of your bite is InvisalignⓇ. To find out if Invisalign is right for you, call or make an appointment online today with Drs. Nathan Christensen and Hemant Sachdeva at Ramona Family Dentistry in Ramona, California.

Invisalign® Q & A

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign straightens teeth and moves them to where they belong without the use of wires, rubber bands, and metal. Invisalign incorporates the latest technology into a series of custom-made plastic aligners that look similar to whitening trays.  Because they are clear, Invisalign aligners blend in with your teeth and go virtually unnoticed.

Drs. Christensen and Sachdeva instruct you on proper usage so that you achieve similar results to those attained through the use of traditional fixed appliances.

How does Invisalign work?

To begin using Invisalign, Drs. Christensen and Sachdeva take X-rays, photographs, and impressions of your teeth. This information gets sent to a dental laboratory and technicians create a three-dimensional model of your mouth.

Invisalign receives this model of your mouth, and their specialists manipulate it so that each tooth gets moved to its final location. Each shift of every tooth gets divided, and the progression is used to create the aligners that you wear throughout your treatment process.

For best results, wear your aligners as much as possible. Drs. Christensen and Sachdeva advise you to wear your aligners for three weeks each, 20 hours a day. 

Take your Invisalign out to eat, brush, floss, and when you drink coffee, tea, and other liquids that stain.

Why choose Invisalign instead of regular braces?

Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, Invisalign aligners enable Drs. Christensen and Sachdeva to better predict your tooth movement by over 75%. Other benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Less plaque accumulation, tissue inflammation, and gingival recession
  • Less tooth loss
  • Fewer dental visits
  • Less noticeable 

Root resorption is a common occurrence with traditional braces and often leads to loss of several areas of hard tissue from your teeth, including:

  • Cementum: The hard connective tissue that covers your tooth roots
  • Dentin: Found beneath your teeth's enamel and cementum, dentin contains microscopic tubes. Loss of dentin results in sensitivity
  • Bone: The one that connects your teeth to your jaw

In addition to improving your periodontal health, Invisalign also reduces the pain often associated with traditional braces. 

If you are considering Invisalign and want to know if you are a candidate to use it as a solution to your crooked teeth, call or make an appointment online today with Drs. Nathan Christensen and Hemant Sachdeva at Ramona Family Dentistry in Ramona, California.