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Digital Imaging Technology


In years past dentists had to rely on their own eyes and review analogue film to manage any type of dental procedure. Today, many dental offices rely on digital imaging — to strategically plan cosmetic dental procedures from start to finish.

Patients want to find dentist offices that utilize digital imaging as a way of ensuring that they are getting higher quality care. This is one of the fastest growing technological areas in the business, giving offices with digital imaging technology a significant competitive edge.

The Process

Dentists have been embracing the use of digital imaging as a way to diagnose dental problems for years. This includes any method that is used to capture a film image of the teeth that can help the dentist get a better look at their problem so a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan can be reached.

Many digital imaging machines offer a clearer picture that makes it easier to see details within the mouth that were commonly missed on older, less accurate technology.

Top Things to Remember

Dentists are switching to digital imaging during examinations, because this has been found to be significantly safer than older imaging methods.

  • A dentist can take multiple images with a digital machine while exposing the patient to 60-90 percent less radiation than a traditional X-ray machine. The specific amount of radiation that the patient will be exposed to will vary, based on the type of machine that is used.
  • In many cases a cosmetic dentist will rely on digital imaging because with this technology the images produced are more comprehensive, which allows the dentist to create covers or treatment plans that will fit the a patients requirements — allowing for an easier transition once the teeth have been treated.

Those that are familiar with traditional imaging technology in dental offices will find that digital images can be taken very quickly, with images being processed in just a few seconds — as opposed to the few minutes a film X-ray takes to develop. This can cut down on patients wait time in the office and cut down on the time a patient needs to pose for the picture to be taken.

Why Us

Our dental office has utilized digital imaging technology for years, helping our patients get more out of their experience.

  • Many dentists in the area do not have updated equipment, limiting the patient’s access to up-to-date digital technology.
  • Our office can take comprehensive images of the mouth, ensuring that dental issues that require treatment will not be missed.

Our office aims to provide our patients with the very best care– and to us that means using equipment that will help us see exactly what type of treatments our patients might need.

If you would like to know more about digital imaging and how we can help with your dental needs, you can call us at (760) 789-0170 during the standard business hours.


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