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Reasons to Consider Dental Implants


A missing tooth can mar a first impression, distort your natural smile, and pose a threat to oral hygiene. Luckily, there are several orthodontic options to get your smile back on track. In this blog post, Dr. Sean Feely of Ramona Family Dentistry, a general and cosmetic dentistry practice in Ramona, discusses how dental implants can keep your smile and oral health on target.

Natural Looking Teeth

Dental implants can help maintain a natural, healthy smile. Dentures and bridges, unfortunately, can run the risk of looking fake. Some dentures require wire clasps to hold them in place, producing an awkward and very obvious appearance. Bridges require filing and reshaping the teeth surrounding the gap in order to align the new set, which does not always have a natural looking outcome. Dental implants, however, can give you the most natural-appearing smile of all your corrective surgery options.

Easy Maintenance

Once a dental implant is in place, it more or less takes care of itself. Unlike dentures, which require special maintenance, implants immediately act like normal teeth. Hard and chewy foods can be consumed as they were with your natural teeth. Whereas dentures may call for minor lifestyle changes, in which you need to avoid foods you loved before, implants allow you to live life as you normally would. Brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist are all it takes to keep your dental implants looking and feeling like regular teeth.

Better Overall Oral Health

Cosmetic and convenience reasons aside, the best case for dental implants lies in keeping up with your oral health. Gaps in your teeth can result in deterioration of the jawbone, which can actually lead to more tooth loss down the road. Allowing a hole to linger can lead to drifting, tooth disease and bone loss later on. While there are several options to address these issues, dental implants avoid the soft tissue damage that can occur with dentures. Receding gums and diminishing bones can easily be prevented by choosing a dental implant procedure rather than opting for dentures or bridges.

Everyone’s smile is different, and you can only determine which procedure is right for you after a professional evaluation. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sean Feely, email or call Ramona Family Dentistry at (760) 789-0170.

Dr. Sean Feely
Dr. Sean Feely

Dr. Sean Feely has owned and been working at Ramona Family Dentistry since June 2007. Dr. Feely graduated from the University of the Pacific with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in Stockton, CA in 1999, then received his DDS degree from University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA in 2002

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